To Buddha or Not To Buddha….

A few weeks ago, I discovered the delightful idea of the Buddha Bowl.  Now I know that this concept has been around for quite a while, but it seems that this has become 2017’s food trend and I love a food trend.

For those who don’t know what a Buddha Bowl is, essentially it is a colourful and filling dish in a wide bowl made up of vegetables, grains, proteins (legumes, tofu or meat), seeds and grains with a dressing.  The name Buddha comes from the rounded top of the bowl which is not unlike the Buddha’s belly.  The idea is to play around with the content and mess around with herbs and spices to create a combination that you enjoy.

I posted on my Facebook page that I would give it a try for a week, hoping to boost my veg intake and stop me feeling so sluggish.  After a lengthy trek around Sainsbury’s, I was ready for the healthy week ahead.


Monday’s Buddha Bowl was a colourful affair packed with rocket, plum tomatoes, cucumber, yellow pepper, pickled beets, basmati rice cooked in veg stock, curry roasted chickpeas and a citrus lemon dressing.  It was a huge bowl of food and kept me pretty full until my evening meal.





Tuesday’s experiment included something that I hadn’t tried before…  black bean, jerk and coconut Tilda rice, already in it’s own packet and ready to eat.  The jury is still out on that one, but probably because I’d eaten it cold.  It also didn’t look very appetising.  The rest of the bowl comprised of baby spinach, mushroom, grated carrot, cucumber, mixed bean salad, chilli chicken strips served with a chilli, coriander and lime dressing.




Wednesday’s bowl was probably my favourite because I’d added quite a bit of cheese.  People that know me well know that I have a bit of a cheese addiction.  Cheese isn’t technically a Buddha Bowl staple but I was craving the yellow stuff!  The rest of the ingredients included Moroccan couscous, plum tomatoes, mixed bean salad, rocket and baby leaf spinach, cashews, green pepper and a citrusy lemon dressing.


Unfortunately, after Wednesday, I got a bit bored of the beautiful Buddha Bowl.  For me, this would strictly be once or twice a week.  I started to crave a Gregg’s steak bake (at least I’m honest!) but I gave it a good shot.  I’m still drinking plenty of water and eating plenty of fruit and veg.  Mainly cooked veg attached to a nice roast dinner 😉

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