Chocolate Orange Shortbread

What a bloody superb idea Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredients cookbook is!  One thing that puts me off cooking from a recipe book is that you normally need to buy 50 different ingredients to cook anything half decent.  Jamie’s new book is packed with recipes needing just 5!  ‘A’ fancies himself as the next Jamie Oliver so he’s been flicking through looking to find something to cook.  He decided he’d like to have a go at the ‘Chocolate Orange Shortbread’.  Sure enough, 5 ingredients and I only needed to purchase 3 of them because I always have over stuffed cupboards.

‘A’ was itching to get started.  “Don’t help me”, he said as he poured some caster sugar on the worktop.  I backed off because he meant business.  Apart from helping him get the baking tray in the oven (my oven position is awkward and he is quite clumsy!), I didn’t do much but read the book to him.  Check out the pictures below……

Absolutely gorgeous and it melted in your mouth!! It’s definitely inspired ‘A’ to do some more experimenting.  I’ve added the recipe here, in case you fancy trying it for yourself.

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