A Letter To My Aiden….

To my dearest Aiden,

We have been through a lot together during the 8 years since I gave you life.  There’s been plenty of highs and lows, but we battle on through and my love for you is never ending.

You have suffered watching mummy’s meltdowns when I should have hidden them from you.  You have hugged me and told me that everything will be ok.  Talked me through panic attacks in the car, when I could barely breathe let alone operate the pedals because of jelly legs.  You have done more for me than you should have at your young age and I will be forever grateful.  I apologise for all that you have witnessed from the bottom of my heart.

However, my little sweet cheeks, if you leave your Lego on the floor again, in places where I can’t see it; have a tantrum at after school club because they offer you beans on toast when “toast is clearly breakfast!”; demand to know where I have been when I haven’t collected you and your brother at 4.35pm when I finish work at 4.30pm or refuse to turn off your laptop when it’s time for pyjamas and cuddles….. I will ground you for life  !!

aiden  Love you squillions baby peanut 🙂

Mummy ♥


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